Standard self leveller is a fast setting, protein free, cement based self-levelling compound used to level out rough and uneven floors and screeds in preparation for laying floor coverings. Leveller can be applied to various depths, usually up to about 12mm, in one application when simply mixed with water. Leveller is fast setting and it will accept light foot traffic after 4 hours and after 8 hours ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles can be applied. Soft flooring such as linoleum and vinyl can be applied after 48 hours. Leveller is only suitable for use over solid substrates such as sand/cement screed and concrete.  This is not suitable for underfloor heating areas.

Levelflex is a flexible, fibre reinforced, protein free cement based formulation designed for smoothing and levelling sub-floors in preparation to applying a floor finish.  Levelflex has been developed for levelling surfaces subject to limited movement and/or vibration such as plywood overlay and underfloor heating as well as more common surfaces like sand/cement screed and concrete.  Levelflex can usually be applied from depths of 2mm - 50mm in one application.  Levelflex is fast setting, ceramic tiles can be applied after 3 hours, decorative vinyl’s can be applied after 24 hours.  The flexible leveller is suitable for underfloor heating areas.

Anti-fracture Mat is an anti-fracture / uncoupling matting designed for use on floor tile installations where there is a need to absorb and accommodate limited lateral movement.  It can be used for ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tile and with underfloor heating.  The matting is only .85mm thick.  It is suitable for chipboard, plywood and tongue and groove boards. Anti fracture mat is easy to install and simply to cut.  Anti-fracture matt is also used on Anhydrate/flow screed floors as the y are gypsum based.

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